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I purchased a Serissa foetida variegata 8 months ago and the leaves are turning brown on one side of the bonsai. I have placed it outside for indirect sunlight but the leaves continue to drop. I water it twice a week. I have subtropical soil mix. It is placed in the bathroom with humidity level around 50% and indirect sunlight. I need help with my young Serissa

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SangoKaku - 1 year ago
Hi G4, welcome to Bonsai Forums!

I have never owned a Serissa Foetida Variegata, but I did some searching and here is what I found:

"Serissa is not difficult to maintain as bonsai, but is sensitive to environmental changes. It responds adversely by dropping leaves if over-watered, under-watered, if it's too cold, too hot, or even if just moved to a new location. The plant usually grows back to health when put back to better conditions."

There is a lot of info on that page. As you can see, it is very common for leaf drop when moved, re-potted, over-watered, under-watered, etc. Perhaps finding a nice place depending on your location and current season, then just letting it be with regular watering schedule will allow the Bonsai to begin to grow new leaves.

Keep us posted with progress pictures!

P.S. You picked a really nice pot for your tree!
G4 - 1 year ago
Thanks for the information. All the leaves dropped in 3days so I moved it outside. I lived in Georgia and the current outside high temp is around 73 and low 66 degrees. Georgia has heavy rain at least 4 times a week. Should I bring it inside or try to cover it from the rain?
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
Note, I have never owned a Serissa Foetida Variegata, so I can only go by what I have read so far. If it were me, I would find a nice place for it and let it be until it regrew leaves. Since dropping all of its leaves is common, I would not worry too much about that. As long as it is not over/under watered, the leaves should begin to grow back. Once it has decided to drop leaves, thats just what it does.

More importantly, as long as you have good roots, they are not soaking in standing water and they are not completely dried out, it then becomes a matter of time. The watering routine you mentioned above sounds fine. This all could have been triggered by location change, lighting change, even nutrient change if you re-potted. Perhaps it just needs time to stabilize and get comfortable with the new normal.
patty - 1 year ago
Nice picture, why is it sideways? o_0
G4 - 1 year ago
I wondering the same thing.

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Talk about the many trees and plants used in Bonsai. Maples, Pines, Junipers and more here

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