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Got this bougainvillea bonsai from my grandpa who just past I want to keep caring for it and maybe restyling it and I haven’t got a clue where to start any help is appreciated

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Gusher - 1 year ago
Hello Slabb29, welcome to Bonsai Forum. Very sorry to hear about your grandfather, he gifted you a very nice bougainvillea. I have a very similar bougainvillea that I am growing out. For me, I have decided that I want to let it thicken up a bit before pruning, so I have repotted and placed in sunny spot in the garden. Over the winter, I get snow and heavy frost, so I will move it into a greenhouse to prevent frost damage.

If you are set on pruning, perhaps deciding your main leader now might be something you could do. Again, with such a small bougainvillea and hot temperatures, at least here where I am, I would be concerned with loss of moisture and die back.
Slabb29 - 1 year ago
Thanks gusher weather here’s heating up so I’ve been watching the moisture of the soil so I think I’m covered in that sense and can you explain what u mean by main leader Idk much about bonsai

Gusher - 1 year ago
Main leader would be a branch that you decide will continue on as part of the main trunk. If you follow the trunk upwards to the branches, you visualize one of those branches continuing as the main trunk, eventually thickening.

Right now, you have really nice branching, looks like it has been pruned rather nicely and I would let it grow for a season. Enjoy it, you have a really nice looking bougainvillea!
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
Welcome to Bonsai Forum Slabb29! Sorry for your loss. Looks like Gusher has given you the basics. I agree, if you are experiencing hot temperatures, avoid over pruning, keep it watered and enjoy it until next spring. It will grow in several directions and then you can make decisions on shaping. Keep us updated!
Slabb29 - 1 year ago
Thank you you have both been very helpful and I’m starting a journal on the forum if you’d like to stay updated

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Talk about the many trees and plants used in Bonsai. Maples, Pines, Junipers and more here

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