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I’m Phil from the uk, I grew this Japanese black pine from seed just over a year ago, here is a picture from today. As you can see it has grown really well but what should I do now??? Wire, cut, or let grow more.
Thank you in advance.

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SangoKaku - 1 year ago
Hi Philk, welcome to Bonsai Forums!

Do you have a preference, formal upright vs. informal upright? Sometimes with my young trees I see a shape right away, they develop some kind of angle or curve. Sometimes it's a challenge to attempt a new style from an inspirational bonsai picture.

You have a very nice Japanese Black Pine. If I did wire it, I would do so loosely, to simply provide a guide to grow straight or s-curved. If wired to tight, you run the risk of damaging the bark with grooves from the wire as the trunk expands.

Do you have a preference in bonsai style? You see any bonsai pictures that you would like to attempt for this tree?
Philk - 1 year ago
And thanks for your reply, I’m thinking formal / upright? I’m an absolute beginner although have a few bonsai now. Just not sure what or when to do anything to this pine, just over a year old and has grown so fast this summer. Do I remove lower branches or leave them to help thicken the trunk. How tall shall I let it get or do I need to take the top off to prevent height.
Many thanks Phil.
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
You could put a guide wire maybe try 2mm or 2.5mm wire. You want to put a good length straight down into the soil near the base of the tree. Then coil around loosely, leaving plenty of gap space. Then gently adjust the wire to keep the tree as straight as possible. The idea is to keep the tree straight but not have the wire bite into the bark. Too many times I have scarred a tree because I wired too tightly early on. As the tree grows over the year, the trunk will swell and grow.

Personally, I like to clean things up every few months on my maples and fruit trees. I have made a post with an image that demonstrates the loose wiring and results of early tree top cutting.

Hope this helps...
Philk - 1 year ago
Do you think I should remove the growing tip? In order to stop height?
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
I would not cut the top yet, out of curiosity, I would wire it to keep it straight and then let it grow another six months to a year. When you cut the top of a tree, depending on the type of tree, you get some form of die back and also introduces an entry point for disease or pests. HTH.
Gusher - 1 year ago
Nice picture! Did you have to stratify the seeds?
Philk - 1 year ago
My son bought a bonsai kit, and all I had to do was to put the seeds in some boiled cooled water for 24 hrs then into the compost provided and cover, out of 10 3 survived until our young dog had two of them 😂 now just have this one, which is out of the way!!

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Talk about the many trees and plants used in Bonsai. Maples, Pines, Junipers and more here

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