Bonsai Propagation
Talk about air layering, rooting cuttings and grafting of trees an other bonsai material here.

I have an Azalea that is due for a trim, I have tried to root the clippings in the past but have had no success, I am posting in hopes that someone might have some experience or wisdom to share to help me finally produce some rooted cuttings.

Here is what I used last time:

Clear plastic cup with slots cut for drainage at the bottom
CloneX Gel
Compost Soil Mix
Semi-Shaded ( Morning Sun )

Cuttings just turned brown and then into twigs.


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SangoKaku - 1 year ago
I have not had much luck with Azalea cuttings either. Pretty much had brown sticks too. I am going to try again, in my case, I think I did not do a good job of keeping the soil and cuttings misted and they got way too much sun. This time around I will make sure the cuttings get plenty of water and all shade, just ambient light, will see if that works. I will post updates.
patty - 1 year ago
Any updates?
Philk - 1 year ago
Hi I live in the uk, I took some cuttings earlier in the year, I got a large plant pot with 50/50 mix of potting compost and horticulture grit, I choose healthy cuttings and used rooting powder, I covered the pot with plastic and misted everyday and kept in a light area but not in direct sunlight. Out of 9 , 5 have struck.
patty - 1 year ago
Thank you, I will try again, hopefully I still have time. I have seen plastic covered trays on amazon, maybe I will order one just for cuttings. Also, misting everyday makes a lot of sense, my cuttings dried out quickly.

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Talk about air layering, rooting cuttings and grafting of trees an other bonsai material here.

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