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The weather and heat are doing a number on my Bonsai trees. I have been watering in the morning and the afternoon but I am afraid that the roots will become to soggy. Thinking about trying misting instead of watering to keep my trees from drying out. I am looking at the weather for the next few days out here in Southern California and it is showing 109 all week long.

Anyone else facing this heatwave? Any suggestions on how I can keep my maples from scorching?

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Paco - 1 year ago
Hot weather is rough on Japanese Maples, try to keep them shaded and misted if possible. I can only share what has worked for me, moisture level I find is very important as dry air will cause leaf damage. Ideally a green house would work great, if you don't have a green house, a shady area that gets mist works. If your trees are planted and are well established, a deep watering should help, but if it's recently planted you may need to provide temporary shade with some sort of shade structure.
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
My maples are showing leaf burn too... It's unfortunate, what I did was move the potted ones into a shady area that gets morning sun but shade starting around noon and remains shaded for the rest of the day... Leaves are starting to grow back as I have removed a lot of the dried burnt leaves. Keep them watered, take time to feel the soil, sometimes the soil may look dark but is barely moist at all.

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