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Ok, here we go again. Took a bunch of Azalea cuttings, about 15 to 20 yesterday and placed them in a new soil mix to test things out a bit. So far, I have not had success with rooting Azalea cuttings, I usually end up with dried sticks.

Soil: For the soil mix I had a lot of espresso grounds, so I decided to test that. There are some articles that indicate coffee grounds in general are acidic which Azalea loves. The article I read recently also states that grounds may be packed with nitrogen and caffeine. Caffeine is found to inhibit growth or stunt growth. But I decided to take a chance and test to see if the acid loving Azalea would root. So here is the mix, one part spent espresso grounds, one part perlite and two parts sphagnum peat moss. Let's see what happens.

Rooting Hormone: I used CloneX rooting gel. This year I got a bottle and started using it on several cuttings and air layers. I find it a lot easier to use, it sticks very well and since I tend to have a breeze and sometimes wind, the gel does much better at staying put.

Will check back on these guys in about 30 days or so, which should be about Halloween time. Hopefully I get some to take root.

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julia - 1 year ago
Ahh... they look so cute all bunched in together. That would make a great gift!
SangoKaku - 1 year ago
I know right? Would love to receive rooted cuttings as a gift! So far so good, your post reminded me to go outside and spray them with water to keep them from drying out. Two days down, six weeks to go! 🙄

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Share progress of your bonsai trees, grafts, seedlings and projects your working on.

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