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My partner received a Ficus Bonsai as a birthday gift last year. We absolutely love it, but I fear we were to novice and haven't given it the care / attention needed.

We are in a ground floor flat and it sits in the only window where it can get day light. it was fantastic over Autumn / Winter but has not fared well this year. Leaves have dried out (even after maintaining moisture) and are turning white (picture attached)

I am really trying to understand if it can be rescued and get some guidance or if we have ruined it

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SangoKaku - 1 year ago
Hi khousby, welcome to the Bonsai Forums!

For some reason your picture did not post...

White leaves can be a few things, too little light, under fertilization or pests in the soil...

The sun light is easily fixed with relocation, perhaps a place where it can get about 6+ hours of light or so... not sure on the orientation of the room, but if it's the only window maybe a supplemental grow light or full spectrum light?

Adding a bit of slow release fertilizer to the soil could also help, something simple in a small pellet form similar to this...

Or for a temporary quick infusion of nitrogen you can try a liquid fertilizer added to a one gallon water can...

Make sure the roots are not compacted and water drains out, not just sitting in the pot as this could lead to root rot and suffocate the potted tree...


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New to Bonsai? No problem, feel free to ask all your questions here!

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