Bonsai 101

New to Bonsai? No problem, feel free to ask all your questions here!

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Bonsai Trees & Plants

Talk about the many trees and plants used in Bonsai. Maples, Pines, Junipers and more here

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Bonsai Diseases and Treatment

Do you have bugs and pests, leaves looking weird or is your tree battling a disease? Post your questions and treatment solutions here.

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Bonsai Techniques

Talk about pruining, shape, wiring and advanced techniques like deadwood, Jin and Shari here.

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Bonsai Propagation

Talk about air layering, rooting cuttings and grafting of trees an other bonsai material here.

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Bonsai Journal

Share progress of your bonsai trees, grafts, seedlings and projects your working on.

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Buy, Sell or Trade

Have too many seeds or trees? Want to buy, sell or trade a few? Post your listing here!

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